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The Beat of an Immigrant Chicano    
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The Beat of an Immigrant Chicano


ISBN : 978-2-849246-610-8

5 x 8" (13 x 20 cm)

58 pages


The Beat of an Immigrant Chicano carries a  haunting voice that pulses with raw emotion. It reminds the reader to count our blessings and our blues. Juan Cardenas is el Chiapas of border words that resonate so deeply at this time.”
~ Iris De Anda, Poet, Activist & Author of Codeswitch: Fires from Mi Corazon

The Beat of an Immigrant Chicano is intersectional poetry at its best, enlivened by vivid images, carried by musical phrasing, and full of hope.”
~ Richard Modiano, Executive Director Emeritus Beyond Baroque Foundation

“Juan Cardenas redefines what it is to be a «Beat» poet taking the reader on a moving, courageous, and at times harrowing journey across physical, emotional and spiritual borders. The Beat of an Immigrant Chicano marks the welcome voice of an emerging 21st century Beat poet armed with fresh eyes that see past the truth of this United States of Reality Show.”
~ S.A. Griffin, Poet, Actor, Editor, & Author of Dreams Gone Mad with Hope

“An epiphany of belonging!”
~ Jessica M. Wilson, Poet, Activist, & Author of Serious Longing