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Jonathan Mulcahy-King

Jonathan Mulcahy-King is Editor-in-Chief and Founder of The Licentiam: A journal of erotic literary experimentalism and Assistant Editor of X-Peri. He has an MA in Social Justice from the University of South Wales, UK. His recent publications include, Harbinger Asylum, The Licentiam, In The Red Magazine, Short, Fast, & Deadly, Stride Magazine, Subliminal Interiors, The Wardrobe and X-Peri. He lives in Newport, South Wales, where he works with asylum-seekers and homeless young people. He is currently working on two collaborative works; one with Daniel Y. Harris, Licentiam, a work of hyper-erotic poetry exploring new horizons in the philosophy of transgression, and another with the painter Martin Abrahams, Onaliths, a hybrid work of concrete and post-language poetry exploring posthuman asemics in various forms of computational advancement.