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The Return of Doom-Headed Three    
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The Return of Doom-Headed Three

by Daniel Y. HARRIS & Rupert M. LOYDELL

ISBN : 978-2-84924-534-7

5 x 8" (13 x 20 cm)

114 pages


Who is the Colonel? At which academic instution might we find Professor Tilbury? Why are Spinoff and Distrust so incompetent? Why did that most succcesful and innovative of bands, Doom-Headed Three, break up at the height of their success? Why is everything so confused as the world becomes an infinite moebius loop of regression and repetition? In the Afterlife Bar, post-punk delirium awaits readers trapped in the horror of the eternal never or the never-ending now. In their third collaborative work, Harris and Loydell have unleashed a hyperactive monster – of myth, rock, delusion and delight – into the world. Read this appendix to the Rough Guide to Heaven at your peril: it will ensnare, amuse and confuse you in equal measures.