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Helene Cardona's translations

Actor and poet, Helene Cardona translated from English towards French the collection by Dorianne Laux " What we carry".
We published it in French "Ce que nous portons".

Helene also translated from French towards English our collection "Plus loin qu'ailleurs" by Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac.

December 6, 2015: Our translator Helene Cardona is thrilled to announce that "Beyond Elsewhere" (White Pine Press, 2016) by Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac, her translation of "Plus loin qu'ailleurs" (Editions du Cygne) has been awarded the prestigious Hemingway Grant!
August 12, 2015: Poem from the book "Plus loin qu' ailleurs" by Gabriel Arnou Laujeac translated into English by Helene Cardona published on "The Original Van Gogh's Ear Anthology Series" website.
The publication of the book in English in USA is planned in 2016 by White Pine Press.
April 30, 2015: New review of our American poet Dorianne Laux's collection "Ce que nous portons" translated from English by Helene Cardona (cover Paula Warres Jones) in "La Cause Littéraire):
April 21, 2015: Texts from "Plus loin qu'ailleurs" by Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac in "World Literature Today" (translation by Helene Cardona) :
April 7, 2015: Interview in "World Literature Today" of Helene Cardona about her translation into English of our collection "Plus loin qu' ailleurs" of Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac
March 25, 2015: Helene Cardona reviewed on "The Lit Pub" (Ohio, USA) with "Ce que nous portons" by Dorianne Laux and "Beyond elsewhere" by Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac:
Februray 26, 2015: Helene Cardona on The "IN" Show by Gus Summers. Tune in from 1-2pm PST / 4-5pm EST / 9-10pm GMT
Februray 12, 2015: Our poet, actor and translator Helene Cardona was interwiewed by "The Enchanting Verses Literary Review" (India). She referred to her translation of French towards English of our collection "Plus loin qu' ailleurs" of Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac.
Februray 12, 2015: Our poet, actor and translator Helene Cardona was selected among the translators of the month by the prestigious "National Translation Month " of New York.
"National Translation Month" welcomed the qualities of Helene's translation of French towards English of our collection "Plus loin qu' ailleurs" of Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac.

January 26,2015: Our American poet Dorianne Laux just won the International Literary Review "Levure Litteraire Poetry 2014 Award".
Dorianne published "Ce que nous portons" translated by Helene Cardona.
January 14, 2015: Review about "Ce que nous portons" by our famous American poet Dorianne Laux translated by Helene Cardona in "Recours au poème" :
November 27, 2014: Levure Litteraire's authors selection with our american poetress Dorianne Laux (3'30"). Dorianne published "Ce que nous portons" translated from the English "What We Carry" by Helene Cardona :
October 14, 2014: Thank you PEN Center USA for announcing our French translation "Ce que nous portons" of "What We Carry" by Dorianne Laux, translated by Helene Cardona
October 6, 2014:
In Santa Monica (CA) with actor and poet Helene Cardona. Helene translated the American poet Dorianne Laux "Ce que nous portons" from English to French.
Helene will also translate our poet Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac "Plus loin qu'ailleurs" from French to English.

September 16, 2014:
Now available "Ce que nous portons" by American poet Dorianne Laux, transalted by actor and poet Helene Cardona:

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