SWAN World


X-Peri Series

Series editors: Daniel Y. Harris & Irene Koronas

Queries may be directed to: daniel@x-peri.org, irene@x-peri.org

The X-Peri Series of SWAN World publishes books whose ethos is to continue and to expand upon the trajectory of experimentalism in literature, including but not limited to Dadaism, Surrealism, Pataphysics, Fluxus, Oulipo, Postmodernism, Language, Posthumanism, Deconstruction, Digital, Flarf, Haptic, Found and Spoetry, Vispo, Ergodic Literature, Asemic, Concrete, Conceptual, Postprojective, Postdata, Uncreative Writing, Algorithmics and beyond.

X-Peri Series titles:

  The Return of Doom-Headed Three, by Daniel Y. Harris & Rupert M. Loydell
  catascope, by Michael Mc Aloran
  Doomsday Bunker, by Nathan Spoon
  Euryphion, by Jonathan Mulcahy-King
  Love in a Time of Belligerence, by Eileen R. Tabios
  Codify, by Irene Koronas
  longshadowfall, by Michael Mc Aloran
  heshe egregore, by Daniel Y. Harris & Irene Koronas
  Sapodilla, by Michael Rothenberg